Friday, January 06, 2012

How Does That One Go Again?

One of my favorite things to do in life is watch people try to remember songs.  Sometimes the title will be familiar, but they won't remember the melody.  They'll ask their buddy, "how does that one go again?"

"Huhuhuhh", I say to myself... sometimes out loud

It can be an awkward situation for a shy guy like myself.  But while observing others, I've found that some people may not feel as uncomfortable.  In my independent research, I've noted the following types of responders:

There's the over-the-top (or under-the-bottom?) humble guy - the one who's got a good voice but will look skyward and reluctantly sing the line in a monotonous tone and quickened pace while nodding his head on every syllable.  C'mon man, I know you can saang!  Don't be shy...

But also don't be this guy... the guy who's hoping to get a record deal in case there's an executive in the crowd - you could ask this person to sing the ABCs and they'll go full out Beyonce on you, eyes closed and hand waving and everything.

"...oh... thanks..."  -_-

And then there's the false modesty guy - the one who insists on not singing but will oblige only because you're forcing them to apparently... observe (before YouTube takes it down):

Oh and I guess there's the in-between guy who's able to sing the melody clearly and confidently without showing off and making people uncomfortable.



Thank you all for participating in the "Feces or Not Feces" challenge from Dec 13, 2011.  Everyone got it right - it is NOT feces.  I'm not sure what gave it away, the dusty fibers or the kitchen countertop it was laying on...

Today's challenge is a bit more abstract.  But, since I trust that you've all seen plenty of this in your lifetime, I will ask you this - feces or not feces?