Thursday, May 06, 2010

Worse than a Toilet Seat

Why is it that whenever a scientific test is done on a the cleanliness of a surface, they always compare it to a toilet seat?  You'll always read an article about how dirty a door knob or a keyboard is... and they'll always say, "_____ has more germs than a toilet seat". 

I call malarky on these tests.  We're talking about a toilet seat, people... FECES!  What is dirtier than feces??  Yeah I know they're testing the seat and not the inside of the bowl, but I'm willing to bet they swabbed the the sides of the seat.  Try swabbing the back of the seat, where some of the doo doo water tends to splash.  I bet you'll find some germs there.  Like in the trillions.  Double if you're at a buffet.

Feces are gross man... I'd much rather eat food that fell on my keyboard than to eat off a toilet seat.  And that's science