Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dun Dun, Dun D-Dun...

The interesting parts of my day usually occur within the first 2 hours of it.  As much as I dislike public transportation, I know that it can also be quite entertaining.

Usually when I get into the train station, there's a 7 train docked and ready to go.  It's just a matter of "will I swipe my MetroCard in time to catch it?"  Sometimes it gets dramatic with the door-closing chime sounding as "Please Swipe Again" repeatedly flashes on the turnstile.  Exciting stuff.  

This morning was one of those relatively easy days where I made it on time and even got a seat to boot.  Shortly after, the chime went off.  As the door started to close, a 30-something year old woman made a sprint for the car.  Knowing that she was much too far to make it, she reached out and barely got her book in to stop the door.  I thought, “There goes the book.”  It was a thin soft cover… probably just thick enough to trip the sensors and hold the train up.  Still, I was kind of hoping to see the train leave the station with the book lodged between the doors, pages turning in the passing wind.  Well, give this lady credit for being determined because she wasn’t going down without a fight.  She wedged her fingers through the small gap and, just like the T1000 at the elevator, began to pry at that door.  I felt like John Connor cowering in the corner as Arnold the train conductor fought to defend me from this menace.  Just as she was starting to create some space, the conductor did the classic fake out move of opening and rapidly closing the door.  In that split second of false hope, she tried to lunge into the car only to have her head jostled by the rubber of the colliding doors.  I swear that all happened in slow motion it was so awesome.  I mean it was sad at first but once I saw she wasn’t seriously hurt, I might’ve chuckled a little.  (Or sympathized… depending on how you’re judging me right now)

Despite absorbing the near fatal blow, she somehow managed to keep an arm wedged in there.  This lady was in it to win it.  Thankfully for her, backup arrived as a busload of passengers stormed in from behind to overtake the door.  Holding her head, she rushed in and took her spot leaning against the opposite door, celebrating the victory of a battle well fought. 

I am glad she made it though.  She certainly deserved it after all the effort she put in.  It's embarrassing enough to have the whole car watching you struggle as they try to decide whether to help or to continue being annoyed at the delay you're causing.  Actually, one can say that your true colors show in these moments.  A moral fork in the road if you will.  I'm just making stuff up.

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  1. I always imagined someone jumping in between the cars, and just coming in through the door. With style though, like Jet Li-style.